21 Day Juice Cleanse

The Tenacious Butterfly 21 Day Juice Cleanse is a seasonal reboot for your body. The program is designed in a private group format to connect with other participants and share the journey with encouragement and support throughout the detoxification and resetting of your habits.


All participants will juice and consume plant based meals for the first five days and will consume only juices for the remaining sixteen days. You will receive daily videos, affirmations, juice recipes and access to a private Facebook group to share your challenges and triumphs.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A juicer

  • Fresh ingredients (a outlined in the Juice Cleanse Guide!)

  • Your commitment to attaining the benefits of the cleanse

Tenacious Butterfly Private Online Community (Facebook required) gives you with immediate access to:

  • Reliable updates, support and encouragement

  • Connect with like-minded people as a group and one-on-one

  • Feedback and progress; your opportunity to share/learn

21 Day Juice Cleanse



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