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Tenacious Butterfly
Online Customized Coaching Package (1 of 2 Installments)

 The cost of this item represents payment for HALF of the online coaching package outlined below: 


As your private coach and accountability partner, I will meet you where you are in your Health and Wellness Journey. We will begin with 30 days of detoxification, alkalizing your internal environment. Followed by a gradual re-introduction of various foods over the following 60 days.


Everyone is unique, therefore each plan is customized based on your individual nutritional requirements. As you re-introduce various foods, you will be more aware of how those foods impact your body, mind and overall wellbeing. 


We will focus on meal ideas and recipes (making sure you are getting enough nutrients), positive attitude and mindset, weight loss, weight gain, digestive issues, emotional issues, social situations, personal development and aspirations.

Online Customized Coaching Package (1 of 2 Installments)

    • 3 month Program

    • Includes 4 Coaching Calls (1 x 60 minutes and 3 x 30 minutes)

    • Additional coaching calls may be purchased separately as needed ($50 for 30 minutes)

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