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About our Juice Cleanse Plans

At the Alkaline Wellness Centre, our compelling value is the ability to improve your level of health and
lifestyle awareness by addressing root causes.

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There are two basic things the body needs in order to heal itself, Detoxification and Nutrients!


Juice cleansing is so powerful because it does just that! When done correctly, our bodies are given a solid food vacation and an opportunity to loosen toxic foods that reside in our colon walls. The juice literally shakes up stagnant acidic material by going to work on your intestines. Once the toxic waste has left your body you will have an alkaline PH level and will be more equipped to absorb nutrients and minerals from your food.

About Cleanse
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We are pleased to offer three types of Cleanses:

The Standard Cleanse, The Advanced Cleanse and The Customized Cleanse. All cleanses are available for 3, 5 or 10 days to meet your unique detoxification and nutritional needs. All juice cleanses are available for pick up on Sunday between 5pm to 8pm or can be delivered overnight. Please note that 5 and 10 day juice cleanses will require additional deliveries or pick ups.

For each day of cleansing, you can expect to receive:

6 Bottles of Juice (16 oz each)
1 Personal Blend Tea by Tenacious Butterfly


Meal Plans

Meal Plans at Alkaline Wellness Centre

All meals are 100% plant based. Meals must be purchased by the week. (5 days)

It is comprised of tailored meals based on any nutritional deficiencies observed throughout your Nutritional Microscopy Therapy session. Each meal is specifically designed to address your individual needs to nourish and revitalize your body on a cellular level.

meal plans
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